Hello! My name is Craig. 

For the last 8+ years I’ve worked in marketing team management, brand growth strategy, event planning, digital marketing, CPG product development, copywriting, creative direction, content creation, *takes a deep breath* … the list goes on.

I am the Marketing Director at Kidrobot, a brand of limited edition art toys and licensed pop culture merchandise. Previously, I was the Director of Marketing at 1908 Brands, a parent company of natural product consumer packaged goods brands. Before that, I worked in marketing and graphic design at Alfalfa's Market, a natural products retailer.

LinkedIn: Here ya go.

I play too many video games, I’m always trying to find more time to read, I love repetitive lists, I am a huge comic book nerd, I collect various forms of art, I watch a completely normal amount of television *ahem,* and I try to watch at least one new movie a week.

When I’m not doing any of the above, you can find me hiking or camping all over Colorado with my dog Margot.